Mark Mellors


Manufacturing Engineer @  Field Ready, 2014 – Present

Engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, field work (Haiti, Nepal), innovation, R&D

We provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in new ways using the latest technology. Our vision is to meet humanitarian need by transforming logistics through technology, innovative design and engaging people in new ways. The impact of this will be dramatically improving efficiency in aid delivery by meeting needs that are at best only partially fulfilled at present cutting in part by cutting procurement costs and reducing transport to a single trip.

Freelance Mechanical Engineer , 2013 – Present

Technical lead, documentation, verification, validation, R&D, prototyping, innovation

Working with small to large manufacturing and services companies to the develop their business and products, from an hour here and there up to long term, on-site contracts. Products/industries include pharmaceutical production machinery, consumer cleaning products, industrial gas valves, software development tools.

Still loving it

Mechanical Engineer @  42 Technology Ltd , 2008 – 2012

Business development, project management, facilities management, technical leadership, R&D, innovation.

42 Technology are a 30-person engineering consultancy that solves difficult technical problems and creates innovative ideas for new products and processes for a wide range of clients and markets.

At 42 I was involved in business development, project management and managed their labs and workshops, but mainly my role was technical lead on projects.
As the lead engineer I guided and reviewed the work of engineers, designers and scientists, working with the project manager to ensure projects were on time and met requirements.
What I liked most about 42, apart from the great people there, is that I got to use a lot of my skills: modelling, mechanics, creativity, software, electronics, coaching, prototyping, fluids, structures, materials, manufacturing..... it was very diverse work.

I left for a new challenge - freelancing and to develop my own product ideas.

Design Engineer/Manufacturing Engineer @  GKN Aerospace ,  2006 – 2008

R&D, design, transfer to manufacture, Lean manufacturing, process automation, some project and people management.

GKN Aerospace, Luton, design, test and manufacture composite heater elements for aircraft. I joined just as the Ice Protection System design for Boeing 787's was being transferred to manufacture. The 787 project was challenging due to short deadlines, high performance requirements and much higher production volumes than for previous products. I developed the design and processes, particularly around GKN's unique metalspraying technology. This was traditionally a labour intensive 'craft'. I implemented a sensitive, high speed, automated test method whilst developing the manual manufacturing process. I was also technical lead for projects automating aspects of the manufacturing process.

I left to broaden my experience and use a wider range of my skills.

Design Engineer @ Carbon Concepts , 2004 –  2005

R&D, testing, prototype manufacture, composites

Carbon concepts is a very small composites company specialising in complex one-off and short run composite structures. I got some great hands on experience of real R&D - analysis, making prototypes, testing, one off manufacture and delivery to customer. Whilst I was there I worked on parts for motorsport, hang gliders, boats, windsurfers and wind turbines. The wind turbine project was particularly complex, I was heavily involved in the aerodynamic modelling, structural analysis, control system design and developing the monitoring system.

I left for financial reasons - more money and job security - very important when you're about to buy a house!

Engineering Sponsored Student @ Crown Cork & Seal , 2000 – 2002

High volume manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, maintenance systems.

Crown's student and graduate programs are highly regarded - I was provided with practical training and then worked at multiple manufacturing sites on various projects in quality, maintenance and operations. This gave be some fantastic insights into high volume manufacturing and how large organisations operate.

I left to move to a smaller company to get more varied experience and to get more ownership of projects.


Master of Engineering (MEng), Mechanical Engineering @ University of Cambridge, 2000 – 2005